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Chef Asai Masashi’s roots come from the Hyōgo Prefecture, an area blessed with pristine and exquisite products from the sea and land. Growing up in such close proximity to some of the world’s best produce inspired Asai-san to move to Osaka, “the kitchen of the nation” in Japan to learn more about the culinary world and took his first steps at the famed Abeno Tsuji Culinary Institute that has trained many professional chefs for over half a century.

Upon graduation, Asai-san spent the next thirteen years between Hyōgo, Osaka and Kyoto to build up his knowledge and cooking experience as well as refining his skills and techniques on traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine, especially on the art of charcoal grilling.

Always keen on fresh experiences and challenges, Asai-san relocated to Singapore in 2002 where he spent the next ten years overseeing, leading and launching various Japanese restaurant concepts locally. In 2013, Asai-san embarked on a new adventure with the Unlisted Collection to launch dual concept yakitori restaurant, Bincho at Hua Bee; and later in 2019, Bincho at Min Jiang.